Only two FIBA LiveStats versions available (previously known as x64 and x32 Electron version). All previous minor visual bugs (flickering, unnecessary scroll bars, cut numbers etc.) fixed, Scoreboard Feed function enabled.


  • When Player A is subbed in for Player B and the Player B is subbed in for Player A at the same time stamp with no any action in between, the play is now flagged


Bugs Fixed: 


  • The app can be opened in multiple instances
  • Sometimes (when clicked on the edge of the zone) 2pt shot is considered as a 3pt shot
  • Wrong quarter is shown when inserting actions in overtime periods (incl. substitutions)
  • FLS pop-up also showing on Scoreboard Feed output
  • "No Rebound" button is not available after a missed free throw in an "And 1" situation with less than 5 seconds left in a quarter
  • Tip in action following a missed shot with more than 5 seconds left in a quarter does not have “No Rebound” button
  • Previous action being deleted when deleting/canceling a jump ball
  • Game Message button (game interruption) does distorts game clock in livestream
  • Escaping Compensation foul workflow crashes the app
  • Multiple Quick Prints simultaneously sometimes cause the app to crash