If a player is missing in the roster in FIBA LiveStats and an operator adds the player manually, the player becomes Unregistered in Stats Engine. This support article explains how to solve Unregistered player via API using Postman or any other API management system. 


1) Unregistered player(s) after the match can be identified by using API call Get Unregistered People for a Match


The call returns the list of persons who participated in the match, yet were unknown to the system. The Unregistered player(s) will have a temporary ID with the negative value.

2) To solve Unregistered players API call Resolve an unregistered person to a registered person is required


The call resolves an unknown person in a match into a registered person from Stats Engine (make sure the player is present in Stats Engine and assigned to correct team roster). When executed this method reassigns all records from the unknown person to the registered person.

Note. This operation is not reversible.

Use Body Content {"temporaryId":-1,"personId":xxxx}.

temporaryID usually is -1, but if there are more unregistered players temporary IDs are -2, -3, -4, etc.

personId is an ID of the player who played in the game and is present in Stats Engine.

3) After all unregistered players are resolved API call Match Statistics Rebuild from Actions is needed to update match statistics for players.