We have received multiple reports from our customers about inability to use FIBA LiveStats with new computers, which have Intel 11th or later generation processors. Due to this we have worked hard to find a solution to this problem and to make it possible to operate FIBA LiveStats on computers with the Intel 11th or later generation processors.


We are excited to announce we have created an alternative version of FIBA LiveSats based on Electron platform, which is compatible with the Intel 11th or later generation processors!

The links to download the application:



What to know about the new Electron LiveStats application version?

  • The Electron version is identical to regular FIBA LiveStats functionality-wise.
  • There are no differences in performance between old and new applications.
  • Both old and new application version will be supported for the time being.
  • Electron FIBA LiveStats application version is dedicated to users that have laptops with 11th and later generation Intel processors.
  • Currently there are minor UX issues which are being fixed
  • Scoreboard Feed currently is unavailable


Please let us know if you have any questions and please report to basketballsupport@geniussports.com as soon as you detect any problems not listed above with the Electron version of FIBA LiveStats.