We are excited to present a brand new product - StatsHub. It is a new online reporting tool that is the home of your official game statistics, captured by FIBA LiveStats. Whenever you are interested in your league's statistics, you are a few clicks away from comprehensive reports - be it season, competition or career summaries. All you need to do is to select a report type, select the reports you are interested in and set filters as relevant. You will then generate a report book in pdf format which can be analyzed and shared with anyone interested in those.

This tool is a premium service. If you are interested please contact basketballsupport@geniussports.com.

The Benefits of StatsHub

  • Dive digital transformation - dispose of paper-based or inefficient systems for a digital solution that enables you to easily create and download reports
  • Improve operational efficiency - centralise and store key competition information including rosters, schedules and season-by-season statistics
  • Unlock your historic data - deliver new insights to your fans, teams and partners, streamlining your historic data.

Key Features

  1. Run reports on individual players, teams and competitions.
  2. Access in-depth season, competition and career reports.
  3. Power reports with the highest quality data from FIBA LiveStats.
  4. Harness a proven solution, used by the NCAA and its members.
  5. Provide league managers and others with a secure login.
  6. Deliver valuable insights for coaching purposes.
  7. Built to adapt to future dynamic reporting capabilities.

Season Reports

Just select a team within a competition and you will be able to generate several reports covering player's season performances for that team (i.e. compared with career stats), overall team totals and opponent's performances.

Below you can see some examples of Season Reports:

An example of the Season Report book Season_stats can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.

Competition Reports

Once a competition is selected, several different reports for individual and team leaders, as well as team highs are generated. Currently, pre-defined minimums are used to produce these reports (e.g. games played percentage, three points made average, assist average, etc.) but we are looking forward to making these values customisable in future.

Below you can see some examples of Competition Reports:

An example of the Competition Report book Competition_stats can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.

Career Report

The Career Report shows player's season performances as well as career highs for player's within a selected team, for each individual season/competition.

Below you can see an example of the Career Report:

Filtering Options

When creating reports, it's possible to use filters to include only certain data in the output:

  • With the Games filter, only particular games played/selected will be included in the reports, or the scope can be narrowed by home and away games or games won and lost specifically.
  • The Players filter allows you to generate statistics for starters vs bench players. 
  • The Game Period filter provides information for specific quarters played in games.
  • The Time Range filter allows you to select start and end dates for the reports.