In recent years, the Genius Sports support team has used the Statistician Network mobile application to contact statisticians during live games in case we noticed score, clock or other issues that needed to be addressed. it was difficult however, to reach statisticians using this method to get answers in time and resolve live issues.

For this reason, we have designed and implemented new "Instant Messaging" functionality directly in the FIBA LiveStats interface. From now on, you will see a small Messages frame appear above the Action Log:

Currently, only Genius Sports support can send messages to this location, with statisticians then able to reply with pre-defined answers. In an attempt to make it easy for the statisticians to answer these questions from our support, we will always try to present the questions in a way that does not require a long detailed response.

Here are a few examples of the common questions that Genius Sports will be asking statisticians during live matches:

• “Is the current score in LiveStats correct?” 

• “Is the FLS clock in sync with the game clock?” 

• “The Score Query has been activated for too long. Hasn’t the issue been resolved?”

When the message is sent to statisticians, the red icon appears near Messages:

Statisticians are NOT required to answer messages while there is action on the court. They should instead do this at the next available opportunity / when convenient for them (e.g. timeout, half-time, some other break in play). Once the arrow near Messages us clicked, the window will expand enabling the statistician to provide the needed feedback.

In order for statisticians to provide the quickest possible answer, there are several options to choose from depending on the question being asked, with short answers such as “Yes”, “No”, “Our Mistake” etc. It is enough to click the appropriate response for the message to then disappear:

If there is more than one message pending a response, the icon will display the exact number of them. Expanding the frame will then display all of these messages:

Currently all pre-defined questions and answers are only available in English. Below you can see all the possible questions that Genius Sports support might send to statisticians as well as the responses available for each:


Is the current score in LiveStats correct?

a. Yes

b. No


We noticed a score edit, what was the reason?

a. Our mistake

b. Referee review

c. Other


Can you perform the “Confirm Quarter” in LiveStats?

a. Yes.

b. I need more time to check the score.

c. Referee review.


Was there a technical foul between the quarters?

a. Yes

b. No


Is your LiveStats clock is within 5 seconds of the scoreboard clock?

a. Yes

b. No


The Score Status has been active for a long time. Is this on purpose?

a. Yes

b. Our mistake


Your connection seems unstable, can you use another connection?

a. I cannot switch

b. I will switch

c. I have already switched


Did you start the quarter on time?

a. Yes

b. No, I started the quarter early

c. No, I started the quarter late


Has the match finished already?

a. Yes

b. No, it will go to overtime.


Can you please end the quarter in LiveStats?

a. Yes

b. The quarter is not over yet.


The game data is behind the broadcast score. Is there a reason?

a. I can’t keep up with the game. 

b. All looks good on our side.