Game Setup

With prerequisite ScoreLink device setup completed (see here), users can proceed to scouting the game using FIBA LiveStats.


When opening a new game, users are presented with an additional selection in the System Check screen - Live Scoreboard Data. If Manual option is selected, the game would be scouted as normal with FIBA LiveStats - i.e. using the space bar or “start/stop” button in the user interface to control the game clock.

To instead run the game with a real-time clock sourced automatically from the scoreboard, select ScoreLink (ScoreBot) option in the dropdown menu:


After selecting this option, FIBA LiveStats will immediately attempt to connect to ScoreConnect (application installed on same PC). If the connection is successful, the green Connected message will be shown as in the picture above.

If connection attempt failed and there is an orange warning with the error message as seen below, users will see a Connect button to try reconnecting after fixing the issue.

In-Game Control (switching from Manual to Automatic and back)


If any further changes need to be made to the scoreboard connection / game clock source (i.e. Clock Type) once already setup and in the main game entry screen in FIBA LiveStats, user should click on the Game tab from the top navigation bar and select System/Scoreboard Interface Information.


Automatic → Manual


Once back in the game setup window, if users wants to go back to manual clock interface, select Manual option in the Live Scoreboard Data selection and click Save & Confirm button on the top right corner.

Manual → Automatic


Conversely, if users want to change from manual clock to an automatic connection, select ScoreLink (ScoreBot) option in the Live Scoreboard Data dropdown and once Connectedclick Save & Confirm.

Most common error messages and fixes


1) Sportzcast device is receiving empty values


This error means that the Sportzcast device does not recognize the data from the scoreboard properly. This can be due to multiple scenarios: 


  1. Feed cable is unplugged / not plugged correctly into Sportzcast device. Simply check if cable is plugged in.
  2. Incorrect scoreboard is selected in ScoreConnect set-up. To check this go to ScoreConnect application and make sure correct scoreboard and device are selected.


To verify if data is flowing properly into the Sportzcast device check in ScoreConnect app where Scoreboard Data is displayed and see if it shows any values. The boxes next to Scoreboard Data should be green.


2) Failed to connect to Sportzcast device


This error means that FIBA LiveStats failed to connect to Sportzcast server. Check if ScoreConnect application is up and running.


3) Error when reading the data from Sportzcast. Unexpected values received for basketball. Message: {0}


This error means that FIBA LiveStats is not receiving the data from SportzCast that it expects. The last sentences of the error message will explain what property LiveStats fails to read. If message says that it can not read property IsClockRunning - ScoreConnect app must be updated to the latest version. 

If the update does not help - contact with details about which software versions are used and what scoreboard is used. If this error occurs and software update does not help, plan to use Manual clock, since it will require a Sportzcast firmware upgrade.


4) Error when reading the data from Sportzcast. Error when receiving data from Sportzcast


Unexpected error - we suggest the user try to connect again. If that does not help - send the error report from FIBA LiveStats with information about the game/user/machine name.

5) There is no option to select Manual/ScoreLink clock type


This option is enabled via your license code. After you make sure the correct license code is being used in FIBA LiveStats, please contact your League Manager to enable this option.