To use a ScoreLink device it is mandatory to have the ScoreConnectIII application running on the laptop used for the game scouting. Please request the installation file via

Install ScoreConnectIII application


1. Run ScoreConnectIII.x.x.x.xx.exe file.

2. Click Yes in Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?  window.

3. In the Setup Wizard window click Next button.

4. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

5. Change if needed the installation folder and click Install button. Once the installation is finished click Finish button.

This will create 2 application icons on the Desktop: ScoreConnectIII and ScoreConnectIII Logs.

6. Click Yes in Open ScoreConnectIII on default browser? window.

Configure ScoreLink device

1. In the browser window (if you have not opened the browser window with previous #6 step, run ScoreConnectIII  icon from your desktop) notice the bot is offline.

2. In the browser window top menu click Settings.

3. Make sure your bot is connected to the same network as your laptop and is running. In Select Bot section click Find Bots.

4. After the browser finishes search select your bot in Select Bot section drop down menu.

5. In Set the scoreboard data section make sure to select correct Vendor and Sport. Connection Type should be Wired. Click Submit button.

6. After the browser finishes search you should be brought back to the main ScoreConnectIII window and Bot# should include your bot number and display as Online. Current ScoreBoard Selection should include the information about your controller.

Note. This setup is done once and you do not need to repeat same steps for next games if the same bot/controller is being used.

If the laptop is used in multiple venues the setup has to be done after venue has changed.