To use a ScoreLink device it is mandatory to have the ScoreConnect application running on a target computer. Please request the installation file via

Install ScoreConnect application


1. Run ScoreConnect. file.

2. In the Setup Wizard window click Next button.

3. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Next button.

4. Change if needed the installation folder and click Next button.

5. Click Install button and once the installation is finished click Finish button.

This will create 3 application icons on the Desktop: Logs, CommandClient and ScoreConnectGUI.

Configure ScoreLink device

1. Double click ScoreConnectGUI icon on the Desktop.

2. If there is no any connection Scoreboard Data and Scoreboard Connectivity panels indicate that there is no data. 

3. Select the ScoreBoard Manufacturer and Sports and ScoreLink Device. Click Commit button.

4. Notice Scoreboard Data panel now displays data from the scoreboard controller and Scoreboard Connectivity panel has green boxes.

Note. If there is an incorrect Scoreboard Manufacturer and Sport scoreboard selected, the application will show the same way as in the #2 example above that there is no data connection from the scoreboard.