Staying in sync between your in-venue scoreboard and FIBA LiveStats has never been simpler, just power FIBA LiveStats with our ScoreLink device which delivers real-time clock and score data directly from a standard scoreboard controller. This connection with ScoreLink unlocks a live clock and automatic time stamping for every action in FIBA LiveStats together with instant scoreboard score comparison with FIBA LiveStats score.

Below are the links to support articles for:

1) Configuring the ScoreLink device

2) FIBA LiveStats Configuration

3) In-Game workflows

Frequently Asked Questions

Genius Sports, in partnership with Sportzcast, is pleased to offer our partners the opportunity to use our latest innovation in conjunction with FIBA LiveStats. We are offering the ScoreLink device to you in order to make the collection of live game data easier for statisticians and more accurate/enriched for fans and other stakeholders downstream - further unlocking the potential of your data.

What is a ScoreLink?


A ScoreLink is a small device created by Sportzcast, now a part of the Genius Sports family, which connects to your existing scoreboard system and enables network distribution of your scoreboard data in real-time - for use together with FIBA LiveStats and further downstream (e.g. broadcasts, websites, social media).

How can I connect my ScoreLink device?


The ScoreLink needs to be connected to the venue scoreboard system via supplied scoreboard interface cable to either: (1) an output jack on the venue scoreboard controller, or (2) an available scoreboard distribution rack interface (these are typically present in the venue networking or equipment room).

Do I need a special version of FIBA LiveStats?


No! ScoreLink is compatible with FIBA LiveStats v7.48.5. The device and application simply need to be configured as detailed in the support articles above.


Can I still manually adjust the clock in FIBA LiveStats, or take back control of the clock?


Yes! The FIBA LiveStats user can still adjust the clock as necessary to enter plays or make edits. If there is a problem, the user can disconnect the ScoreLink device and resume manual control of the clock at any time.

How can I get more information about ScoreLink including cost?

For any enquiries, please contact and we will assist you.