There are 4 kinds of box scores in FLS:

  1. FIBA box score
  2. Standard Box score
  3. Advanced Box Score
  4. Advanced Box Score (Single Page)

The default box score report can be selected in Game -> Edit Print Setting menu:

FIBA Box Score 

The report includes all main statistical categories together with a legend:

The report is generated with player game evaluation:

  • +/- (included by default) - a player's impact on the game, represented by the difference between their team's total scoring versus their opponent's when the player is in the game) rating
  • Efficiency (allowed by the license code setting) - it is calculated using the custom efficiency formula sent from the league competition management system.

To display efficiency the tick box has to be selected:


You can find some extra information which is calculated from information entered during the game:


Standard Box Score 

This report is very similar to FIBA Box Score. The only difference is included Blocks against as well as omitted 2 Points section.

However the user can choose if 2 Points Percentage is needed:

Player game evaluation (+/- and Efficiency) is displayed in the same way as in the FIBA Box Score.


Advanced Box Score 

This report includes more calculated information than FIBA or Standard Box Scores. 

For personal performance besides standard statistics number of dunks (Dnk), Offensive efficiency rating (OE) and Points per minute (P/M) are included. Efficiency and +/- are included by default.

Offensive efficiency rating = Points/((1pmissed+1pmade)/2+ (2pmissed+2pmade)+ (3pmissed+3pmade)+Turnovers).

Total team performance is broken by quarters.



For team performance Assists/Turnovers, Steals/Turnovers, Personal fouls/Fouls against, Offensive rebounds/Missed shots, Defensive rebounds/Opponents missed shots and Total rebounds/All rebounds ratios are calculated. Points, Points percentage, Field goals percentage, Rebounds, Rebound percentage and Minutes percentage are broken between starters and bench players. Also Points from Turnovers, Fast break points, 2nd chance points and Points in the paint are provided.

This report comes in two pages, each for a single team.


Advanced Box Score (Single Page) 

This report includes all the information as Advanced Box Score, but in one page. Additionally, it displays 2 PTS Outside the Paint and 2 PTS Inside the Paint statistics.


International vs. Local name type


Some accounts in countries, which use non-Latin languages, contain two sets of names for data base entries - one in Latin and one in local language. Selecting International in Name Type field will print the report in Latin and in specified local language, when Local is selected.


International name set box score

Local name set box score