Sometimes during the stats import from FLS, you might get a warning message in FIBA Organizer (FO):

<Cannot find shirt number for person 0 (actionNumber=XXX; actionType=YY; period=Z; clock 00:00:00)>

The visual example of the warning message:

It means there is an action assigned to the team (not to the player) in FIBA LiveStats and FO during the import cannot map this action to any player and provides this message.

How to solve it?

Open FLS -> enter the License code with permission for post-game edits -> enter match key of the problematic game -> find the problematic action based on provided information (quarter, clock, and action type, just ignore actionNumber as it will be different from action numbers in FLS) -> assign the action to the correct player -> click Save&Publish -> wait for some minutes, go back to FO and import stats from FLS again.

You can read more about post-game edits here

If you do not have a License code with post-game edits rights, please direct this question to the league's manager.

Note. Why does it happen?

Most often it happens in games with a bad connection, computer lagging and etc. However, this action in the Action log is displayed in yellowish color to indicate incomplete action.

After each quarter FLS indicates there are flagged/incomplete actions in the pop-up window and statisticians should fix them during the game or at the end of the game.