How to Add a Game

There are some methods for adding games in FIBA Organizer: 

  • by using import with csv file - useful in cases when you have to add many games at once, e.g. before the season. You can read support article here
  • By generating schedule - you can read support article here 
  • By adding games one by one manually - useful in cases when you have to add only one or some games in the group. We will explain how to do it in this article.

1. Go to Competition, expand League -> Tournament -> Season, click once on the Group where you want to add games and click Add.

2. New window will appear (screenshot bellow), where fields marked in red are mandatory, but fields in blue are optional:

  • Game day moves to Genius Sports Stats Engine as a round;
  • if game will be held in the home arena of the home team and this arena is added to the profile of the respective team, this field for Arena will be filled up automatically. It can be edited at any time;
  • Referees (also Commissioner) can be selected in the game’s form from the drop-down list if they are added in FIBA Organizer under Personnel before. In this case they will be pushed to FIBA LiveStats (FLS) automatically, but this is not mandatory as the game’s operator can add them manually in FLS just before the game.

3. Click Save


Read this article for information how to configure games to create match keys