• All shot types in Play-by-Play report are represented accordingly.
  • All content in Post Game Edit window fits low resolution and high scaling screens.

Bug fixes

  • LiveStats always required foul location even if Licence code setting did not require.
  • Registering Made shot with And 1 situation and clicking Foul button for offending team forced LiveStats to white window.
  • After last missed Free Throw only defending team players were active to select any Tip-In Made/Missed option.
  • Clicking ESC button in the middle of registering Free Throws deleted linked foul. User was able to delete foul that has linked Free Throws which were put on hold or incomplete. Opening an incomplete Free Throw after deleted foul resulted non responsive buttons.
  • Reports in pre-game were printed only in local language.
  • When game has proceeded to the second half and user came back to insert in the paint field goal to the first half, incorrect points value was calculated - user got an error that Dunk/Layup etc is not available option for 3 point shot.
  • In Venue Feed was using default formula for player Efficiency value disregarding custom formulas provided by customers.
  • "teamFouls" property in Venue Feed was not reset after a quarter.
  • When submitting post-game edits if Stats Engine connection failed, user got error message when trying to re-submit and is not able to continue.