LiveStats Version 7 - Data Streaming

Genius Sports offers two solutions for TV partners:

  • Broadcast Feed (TV feed) - data is streamed directly from Live Stats application accessible from arena. Technical documentation is here.
  • Live Stream API Service - data is streamed from cloud service accessible from anywhere in the world. Technical documentation is here.

Both methods are premium services and their implementation is time consuming process.

Further this article focuses on Broadcast Feed.

If you would like to understand what type of data is transferred from FLS through Broadcast Feed you are able to make some tests with FIBA Livestats v7 (FLS7) and simple TV feed client.

Instruction on how to run FLS7 and TV feed Client is provided here.

Broadcast Feed can be activated only via FLS7 License Code (test or production) as this functionality doesn't work with manually created games or using Match Keys.

How to make test of Broadcast Feed:

  1. When access to Broadcast Feed is approved by Genius Sports and TV partners of the League have done all technical implementation job League or TV partners have to reach Sport First Line Support team by email
  2. League or TV partners should give approximate dates for the tests because License Code shows games for the next 48 hours only. Since FLS 7.33 it isn't possible to make tests on manually created games.
  3. Support team will prepare some games for the dates provided by League or TV partner and create a test License Code with activated Broadcast Feed. Broadcast feed is sending data in real time in json format until game is not finalized.

Note. All the messages are sent in JSON format, they are not stored locally on statistician computer in any dedicated file. When statistician scouts the game all the data is sent in JSON format to Genius Sports services and with TV feed function you can connect to the same data stream and read those messages in JSON format and with your own application you can write it into a file or do something else.

Note. Test License Code is valid for usage only in FLS7 test environment - how to switch environment.

Some useful instructions:

how to update port number is here.

how to run Broadcast feed diagnostics is hereBroadcast feed diagnostics is accessible from 24 hours to 30 minutes until tip off time of the game.