If you have unnecessary games in your FIBA Livestats application you can remove them by deleting the storage.

ATTENTION. This method will delete all your games from local storage as well as your license keys (if you use them).

1. Open Files Explorer for search. Select Quick Access and in the search bar at the top type %localappdata%. 



2. Once you have searched for " the "%localappdata%" select the GeniusSports folder.  

3. Once inside the GeniusSports folder, select the LiveStats.FIBA folder. 

4. Once inside the LiveStats.FIBA folder, select PROD folder. 

5. Once inside the PROD folder you will see two folders, one named config and the other named Storage. Go inside the Storage folder and remove EventStore.sqlite and LocalData.sqlite files (you can make a copy of these files in case you will want to restore it). 

6. After files are removed from storage folder run the application, there is no more games. Same workflow works for TEST environment.