Statistical Rules for Leaders' Calculation

Rules for particular season leaders display can be set in FIBA Organizer. Select Season (folder icon on the left-side of the screen) and choose Statistical Rules. There are different categories and a corresponding blank box to fill with numbers according to your choice. 


- 3pts percentage, played not less than: if you enter 50, then player will appear in leaders' list, if he played not less than 50 percent of the season's games.

- 3pts percentage, attempts per game not less: if you enter 3, then player will appear in leader's list, if average of all season's attempts is not less than 3 per game.

Useful acronyms: 

2PA: 2 points attempted. 

2PM: 2 points made.

3PA: 3 points attempted. 

3PM: 3 points made. 

FGA: field goals attempted.

FGM: field goals made.

FTA: free throws attempted.

FTM: free throws made.