New features

  • Cloud back-up functionality - ability to continue scouting a game if computer crashes during live game, from the point of interruption on another computer.
  • Post-Game functionality:
    • Edits can be done multiple times.                
    • UX Improvements within the Expanded Action Log (scroll bar).
    • Introduced “Publish and close” button.
  • Court Side can be identified within Action Edit Mode/View.
  • Changed terminology from Period to Quarter and Extra period to Overtime.
  • New design pattern for player Fouls count.
  • Updated personal foul information for player in Free Throw window (foul by player can be changed directly in Free Throw window).
  • If a default printer is chosen (in the Print settings menu), the same printer will automatically setup for a Quick print.
  • When "Score unreliable" is active, the prompt "Is Score Correct" does not appear after each clicked action.

Major bug fixes

  • "Insert Later/Earlier" fields are not active on "Game end" and "Finalized" phases of the game.
  • Jump ball action in game can now be deleted on "Cancel & Delete" click in regular in game jump ball workflow.
  • The active game is not closed after clicking the "Support" or "User Manual" button in the "About" pop-up.
  • The Free Throws are no longer prompted after a Double foul.
  • Shot Chart Report is generated when Editing Filters for 2PT/3PT Shots.

More on Cloud Backup instructions You can find Here.

More on Post-game edit functionality You can find Here.