If computer suffers a complete crash during a live game, same or different user is able to continue scouting the game from another computer, from the point of interruption from last event in the Cloud.

For a new connection a statisticians should use a License Code or Match Key. Two users are never allowed to be connected to the same game at the same time. 


In main window click Enter a Match Key (1) or choose from League Games section (2):

When accessing the game using a Match Key, paste the Match Key (1). You will be informed about the game status (2). Click Next (3): 

The main condition: license key should be activated with a Cloud Back-up option.

You will be shown statisticians name that is currently collecting data (1). Click Enter to proceed and take over the connection (2):

The game will continue from the last action submitted before the interruption. Connection status is shown in the top right corner (1):

Please check below video to see how Cloud Backup functionality is working.

Important. If you want to enable Cloud Back-up functionality you need to login to the License Manager. Read here for more info: https://support.geniussports.com/en/support/solutions/articles/9000126859-creating-a-license-key

To Modify the License Options click Show/Hide Override License Default Configuration Options - this will allow you to set custom configurations for this license.

Find and activate Enable Cloud Backup.

When all information is correct select Save License.

Note. We recommend modifying the default configurations to ensure there is consistency across the league - smaller changes can then be made to each license as needed.