There is an import option in FIBA Organizer (FO), which is useful for an uploading of the big amount of NEW data (new players, new referees). 

Note! Once person is added to FO, it is not necessary to do it again, in this way you can get persons' duplicates. 

Go to Competition->Import and you will find 4 different templates for import of:

  • List of People (for referees and commissioners)
  • Roster (for players)
  • Personnel (for head and assistant coaches)
  • Schedule (link to the separate article is here)

Further we will explain, how to import Team's roster, but these recommendations are valid for the "list of people" and "personnel", as well.

 1. Under Competition->Import download an example document:

2. Open downloaded CSV file:

  • if all data are split by cells (like in the screenshot below), you can skip the next steps and continue from point #3

  • if all data are located in one cell (like in the screenshot below), you need to make some changes. 

Select cells A1&A2 and go to Data > Text to columns > choose "delimited", press Next

Add checkbox Other and add (semicolon). You will see data will be split by columns. Press Next and Finish

  • the format of birth date has to be yyyy-mm-dd. If it is different, change it

When it is done, CSV file is adapted for the next steps.

3. Add required information:

  • name and surname (do not use non-Latin letters)
  • birth date (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • height
  • weight
  • team name (it has to be exactly the same as used in FIBA Organizer)
  • shirt number
  • position (allowed positions (codes) for import are 'F', 'G', 'C', 'PG', 'SG', 'SF', 'PF', 'G/F', 'F/C', 'PG/SG', 'SG/SF', 'SF/PF', 'PF/C') 
  • nationality (use 2 letters country code

4. Go to Competition ->Import -> Rosters. Select Season, League, change Delimiter to "comma", add Start date (it has to be before the 1st game of the respective team), browse prepared CSV file and press SEND.

If everything is correctly added, the following screen will appear, press SUBMIT. Roster is imported.

Note. You can prepare one CSV file for all teams playing in the same season, league and group.

Useful article - hot to merge person duplicates: