How to Set Tiebreakers on Standings

Tiebreakers can be set for each competition (each group in FIBA Organizer) by selecting several criteria from the list, as shown:

Criteria have to be set under Selected list, which will take into account the order of these FIBA tiebreakers to be applied in case of a tie. For this reason, different arrows are available to move each criteria as wanted (up, down, top, etc.). 

Note. FIBA tiebreakers criteria are set by default and you can select them when necessary by clicking on Reset to FIBA tiebreakers

Each criteria has a meaning depending on key words and its prefixes/suffixes. 

Key Words:

BasketDiff: scored baskets minus baskets received

GoalsScored/Basket: scored baskets/goals per team per game. Each basket/goal worth 1, 2 or 3 respectively 

PercentageWon: number of won games divided by games played and multiplied by 100 

Points: earned points per game per team, normally it means 2 points for a win, 1 point for a loss and 0 for forfeit

TeamName: name of the team, alphabetically

Wins: number of won games


AllGames: is used to enable the tiebreaker only when all games were played in the stage/group.

AllTeams: is used to enable the tiebreaker only when other tiebreakers cannot sort them and all games between the teams in question were played.

Inner: is used where there is a comparison of two or more teams with the same results.

Ratio: any item divided by number of games.

Total: all baskets (1, 2, 3) or all points (1, 2) in all played games. 

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