How to Merge Person Duplicates

Merging tool is created for an option to merge person duplicates in FIBA Organizer. This function is accessible with FIBA Organizer super admin rights, only.

It is very important to know merging is irreversible. Once it is done there is no way back. Hence you have to be sure are you going to merge correct persons.

Please DO NOT use merging tool in the game's day, during this game or after the game, while stats from FIBA LiveStats (FLS) is not imported in FIBA Organizer.

When you click Tools you will see a selector to select an object:

  • Persons - the list of all persons in FIBA Organizer. Use this option when a person has differing name/surname.
  • Person duplicates - the list of persons duplicates found by FIBA Organizer. Use this option when a person has identical name/surname.

For merging duplicates select Person duplicates. It could take some time depending on how many duplicates FIBA Organizer will be able to find. If there are many persons you can use Search option or just move forward and backward by using arrows on the bottom of this list.

For example, you know you have to merge 2 players. You can check their profiles and history in FIBA Organizer -> Personnel.

You have to choose which ID to use as a Source and which as a Destination. Normally the player with more precise information in his/her profile should be Destination.

Warning. Source object will be deleted after merging is complete.

  • Click on a player #1 (Destination) and #2 will appear (Source)

  • Click on the player #2 (Source) and information about both players will appear on the right side
  • Click Merge

Note. If there are more than 2 duplicates of one person, you have to repeat those steps for each of them.