New features 

  • Player positions in game setup now can be edited to G, F and C.
  • Ability to Quick print to two different (or more) printers.
  • Start/Stop Game Clock button is enabled while in Game Action Edit Mode.
  • Player with assist is now visible in free throws window after he is subbed.
  • Default report for the Quick print matches box score selected.

Bug fixes

  • Free throws action is flagged if assist player is substituted before free throws.
  • The time of the substitution action which happened right after Jumpball is not changed after moving it.
  • 1 player is missing on the court after inserting the substitution.
  • Fast field goal made after missed free throw has fast break prompt.
  • Object reference error appears after changing the language.
  • Starters are ordered only for the first quarter in play by play.
  • Free throws action is displayed above the last action in the Action log after inserting it earlier.