How to Generate Automatically Dates/Times and Pair Teams

In FIBA Organizer go to Competitions and select Group (click once). In Edit group window click Generate schedule button.

Schedule generator window will be opened to select options for a schedule:

Schedule type (depending on type chosen there will be further options to select):

  • Team only - schedule will be generated without game dates. Useful when dates are not known yet and are to be determined later.
  • Game days (dates only) - with game dates but without times.
  • Game days (with time) - games will have tip off times.
  • Team preference - game date ranges will be added for games, with teams (using team contact role) being able to propose exact date and time that fits them (e.g. it will be said that game must be played between 1st and 7th of February, and teams will select suitable date within this range).
  • Expenses optimized - generator tries to put as many games to a single day and single venue as possible. Mostly used for junior tournaments.
  • Arena availability - schedule will be based on arena availability settings (set in Arena form) to be sure games don't conflict with other events in the arenas.

Competition keys - defines how many teams participate in the competition and the order they play against each other. Must be set up in Schedule Templates.

Playoffs stage - sets playoffs stage for generated games. Does not affect schedule.

Swap home/away teams - useful when generating the 2nd round of a competition, when teams are swapped.

Rounds - how many rounds to generate.

Consider arena availability - will not generate conflicting games.

Do not assign host team - self-explanatory.

Host team - useful when a single team organizes a tournament, scouters of this team will have access to all the games.

Teams for keys - select teams that participate in games. Can be left blank, in that case, team placeholders will be filled.

Other settings are based on the selected scenarios:
  • Game days (dates only):
    • Preferred days - selects weekday to generate games
    • Reserved days - games will not be generated on these days (e.g. public holidays).
    • Unavailability - date ranges that games cannot be generated
  • Game days (with time) - the same as above
  • Team preference:
    • Possible weeks - number of week that games can be played
    • Unavailability - the same as in previous scenarios
  • Other scenarios self-explanatory or same as above.

Note. Schedule is not saved after clicking Generate button. Review screen is displayed with an option to edit games. If the user notices any problems, system allows to navigate back to generator settings and change them. Clicking Save will save the games after review.