By default efficiency formula in FIBA organizer is PT+RT+AS+ST+BS-TO-(P3A-P3M)-(P2A-P2M)-(P1A-P1M), but it can be changed:

1) Login to your FIBA organizer > select season on your left hand side (1) and there will be Efficiency formula (2) which you can change by these available stats:

'PT' - Points scored

'AS' - Assists 

'RO' - Rebounds offensive

'RD' - Rebounds defensive 

'RT' - Rebounds total

'BS' - Blocked shots

'ST' - Steals

'RF' - Fouls received/drawn

'P1M' - Free throws (1pts) made

'P2M' - 2 points shots made

'P3M' - 3 points shots made

'TO' - Turnovers

'BR' - Blocks received

'PF' - Personal fouls

'P1A' - Free throws (1pts) attempted

'P2A' - 2 points shots attempted

'P3A' - 3 points shots attempted

2) After you are done click save at the bottom of the page. 

NOTE: changing efficiency formula will impact all season stats in FIBA organizer, but it will not impact past webcast games. 

If you are interested in additional settings in webcast admin regarding Efficiency Calculation please visit the link here: