This article is a guide on how to install Badge Manager into your computer. 

The software can be installed on any personal computer Windows® from Windows 7 onwards.

"Badge Manager is incompatible with MAC computers"

System Requirements

 Screen 1280x768 or higher

 Internet Connection

 Printer (optional)

 WebCam (optional)

 Laminator (optional)

How to Setup

  1. Click on the link below to download the Setup.exe file for the installation.



        2. Badge_Manager_Setup.exe will be downloaded to your computer after opening the link in your browser.



        3. Click on the drop-down button beside the file and choose open.

        4. Choose yes on the user account control prompt on your monitor screen.



        5. Select your preferred language from English, Arabic, Italiano then click OK to proceed.



        6. Tick on the "I accept the agreement" and click next


        7. Choose the destination where you want to install the file then click on next


        8. Badge Manager will be installed to your computer. If you wish to discontinue the installation click on cancel.


        9. You can launch Badge Manager by simply searching the file through your search button in the start menu or you can go to your  desktop and                      search for the created shortcut file.


    Shortcut on the desktop should have the icon below. 



Badge Manager will automatically check for an update when you launch the software and the PC is connected to the Internet.