This article is for those like the Host team and visit team in case they need an extra accreditaion.

  1.  Host team:

    * Click on ''ADD''

  2. Visit team:


    NOTE: When creating a new Accreditation Request, the visit team will have to fill in compulsory data and finalize by clicking on SEND.

  3. After completing to fill out the data, the host team can either choose between:

    * New badge creation ( The club could print id the accreditations are approved in the badge manager tool)
    * Ask for the accreditation ( It must be approved before printing out the badge)

  4. During the creation of the Accreditation request/Badge. It is necessary to specify the function of the accredited person. based on the selected function, the rights for the areas are assigned automatically by the system, Following a template defined by CEV. It's possible for the host team to change them.

  5.  The Host team can find the link in the badge manager tool and other useful links in the management event information section which can be found in the inline system.

    NOTE: Remember the the online system also has other sections which are explained in the handbook of the accreditation system, however, it is not mandatory to use it for the correct running of the upcoming events.
               It is recommended to keep the settings as DEFAULT, for the current competitions.