The ''day pass'' is an additional badge valid for a specific day.

The reasons to create this kind of badge are:

  1. To allow the person to enter in the event during a specific day.
  2. To extend the rights for a person during a specific day. Particularly, if a person has the badge valid for the whole event and wants to enter into a specific place during the same day. The normal badge should be added with a ''day pass''.

    The ''day pass'' can be created from the online system in two ways (Only the event organizers are allowed to do it).

    1.  From the existing badge, you can add a day pass.
    2. From the accreditation dashboard, you can click on ''Day pass'' and add the pass for an existing person or a new one.

  3. Once the ''day pass'' is displaying on the site. The pass number will be shown next to the person's details with an ''S'' Prefix.
  4. The rights connected to the ''day pass'' can be set during the creation process or afterward.
  5. Opening the badge details (Click on the badge number itself).
    In the badge manager, the presence of the ''day pass'' will be highlighted as shown in the image below, and the day pass can be printed as a normal badge.