This article will show how to print special cards from the Badge manager oncethe cards have already been created.


  1. Click on the provided button in the upper part of the UI

  2. In the left hand side of the website the user will be able to select the card's type from the list displayed.
  3. the list of available cards will be displayed and ready for pronting.
  4. In the upper right side of the website you will see the number of pronted cards and the remaining ones frome the previous online list created in the system.

To print a selected card:

  1. Click on the special card button
  2. Once the badge manager have pronted the card, it wont be possible to pront it again
    NOTE: Although it cannot be printed again, it will be possible another one from the online system and make it available for future printings.
               This limitation will allow the admin to keep under control the number of special cards set to be printed.