This information is for the event organizer to have the possibility to create and manage non nominative accreditations.

This could be useful when:

  •  It is not possible to show the personal data on the pronted badge.
  • The organizer's logo is set for the card (It could be the logo of the organization, or the person belongs to the security company)
  • The validity perdiod.
  • The comapny name

There are some type of cards in the system ready to be used.

  • Security cards: Intended for people working for the company in charge of the security during the match / event. It’s possible that you’re not allowed to show personal data on the badge and this card provide a solution.
  • Service cards: Intended for working people during the event. Sometimes the organizer doesn’t know the name of people which will be sent to an event by the external company and so it could be enough to have this card.
  • Special Guest: Intended for people you don’t want to show the personal info.
  • Guest: intended in case you want to have the possibility to provide extra accreditations during the event without having to print them on court.