If a referee calls a foul during the shooting action not on the shooter, you have to decide if the shot was performed before/after the foul. According to Statisticians Manual if foul happens before the shot, this shot does not count and hence it should be ignored. If the ball was released before the foul, you will need to add both the shot and the foul.

To add a Made shot together with a Foul on a different court location, follow these steps:

  • Add a Made shot (Location -> 'Made' -> Player -> Shot type -> Assist if needed).

  • After each made shot Foul button on opponent side becomes active.

  • Register a personal foul ('Foul -> Player -> Personal). Since this is the foul on other than shooting player, you will be prompted to add a player who received foul.

  • Depending on team fouls, FLS will either prompt for 2 free throws (in case team reached foul limit) or wait for next actions from scored team.

Please check below video to see how to record a made shot with off-ball foul when FLS prompts for 2 free throws because of team foul limit reach.