• Fixed - Missed FGs can now be Inserted

  • Fixed - Players for Blocked Shots are now displayed in the PBP Report.

  • Fixed - "Select All Players" checkbox does not get disabled when various UI components are being clicked on randomly.

  • Fixed Time setting  in Game Messages dialog does not allow values greater than 24 hours.

  • Fixed -Free throws are inserted correctly (and assigned to a relevant foul when) without moving in-between periods.

  • Fixed - Actions are not flagged for incorrect possession after period start.

  • Fixed - FT is not getting deleted when inserting other FT after.

  • Fixed -24-second violation can now be registered, edited, inserted or deleted without an error. 

  • Fixed -The "Shot Type" value is saved in shot type action if the same action was canceled before. 

  • Fixed - License agreement can be closed (UI upgrade issue is fixed).

  • Fixed -Turnover/Foul can be edited (types are changed to correct ones as well) when court location is not specified.

  • Fixed - Improved ID generation that generates unique IDs for all FT actions. 

  • Fixed -Time leading should be started to calculate after LEAD A -> TIE -> LEAD A."

  • Fixed - Handle substitution and actions edits to recalculate players on court for following actions, so false flag would not be generated. 

  • Fixed -Substitution time for the players are counted correctly to improve +/- calculation. 

  • Fixed - Box Score is updated when Turnovers edits are performed by changing a Team for TO. 

  • Fixed - Editing time for Foul now updates time for Foul On correctly in the Action Log.

  • Fixed -The "Missed" action can be saved after changing type on "Blocked(Miss)" without selecting "Block" players.

New Feature- 

  • Timezone difference is shown as part of and in-line of System Diagnostics check (implicit warning).Statistician is explicitly prompted with the Time Zone Difference Detected prompt as part of System Diagnostics check.

  • Automatically focus on the text field in Send Error Report window to remove additional mouse click on the text field to start writing text.

  • No Rebound option is now available within Insert Shot screen

  • Action Log entry is now flagged depending based on previous game action if ball Possession was not activated for a given team.

Task -

  • Green/Red Indicators to be added to clock functionality for Running/Stopped clock.