This article will describe how to add a coach to the team. This person can be:

  • new - never added to FIBA Organizer (FO) before (follow the steps from #1 to #6)
  • existing - coach from the previous season, ex-player or playing coach (follow the steps from #4 to #6)

Creation of the new person in FO

1. In Fiba Organizer Online go to Competition->Personnel.

2. To create a new person click Add button. 

3. Add required information (name, surname, gender and role), click Save button.

Note. One person can have 2 or more roles, e.g. if the new coach is an ex-player, it is enough to add a new role to this person profile. 

Adding the person to the team

4. In FIBA Organizer select Competition -> Teams -> select a team and click Edit button.

5. Select Personnel and click Add button.

6. In Person field start typing person's name or surname, select him/her from drop-down list, then add a Role, Start date and click Save button.

Note. Coaches could be also imported using csv file. How to do it, you can read in this support article