This information is for Event Organizer that provides a guide on how to manually add Accreditations request.

1. Go to your event

To add an Accreditation into the accreditation platform and select the event you want to work on.

2. Accreditation Dashboard

Go to the "Dashboard" page from the "Accreditation  Requests"  tab.

3. Manually add an accreditation 

From the Dashboard you can simply add an accreditation request by clicking on the "ADD" button.

3. Fill in the information

Fill in all the fields:

All fields marked with an * are a compulsory field and must be completed.

After filling all the information you can either  click on "CREATE BADGE" or "ASK FOR ACCREDITATION":

  • By creating a Badge the accreditation will be automatically approved without further review and the badge will be ready to be printed.

  • By asking for Accreditation a request will be created and added the list of request of the Dashboard. The request can either be Approved  or Rejected after further review (cf. How to approve an Accreditation request)

4. Import an Accreditation batch

The accreditation system allow you to add a list of accreditations at once by importing an Excel file. From the Dashboard click on the "XLS Import" button.

5. Download the template and fill in the information

Click on the "download template" button and save it on you local drive.


6. Open the template and fill-in the necessary info

Fill in the all the different column using the drop-down menus when necessary  

7. Upload the template

Once the file has been completed with all the necessary information go back to the "XLS Import" page and and Click the "Browse..." Button. Find the the Import template you saved on you local drive, and click "Open". All the lines added in the file you be imported to the Accreditation list of your Dashboard.