This information is for Event Organizer that provides a guide on how individual can request for an Accreditation.

An accreditation is the way to give to a person access to the Event, specifying which Venue and Zone he/she will have access to. Accreditation requests can be distributed by the Event organizer to individuals via online forms.

1. Go to your event

To add a venue Log into  the accreditation platform and select the event you want to work on.


2. Event Information

Click on the "Event Information" from the "MANAGEMENT" tab.

3. Links

Once on the "Event Information page" scroll down to the bottom of the page until the "Links" section.

- Free registration Form: Can be send to Volunteers or Media individuals, the receiver will have to choose the relevant option.

- Free registration Form (Volunteers only): Should sent to Volunteer individuals

- Free registration Form (Media only): Should sent to Media individuals

4. Approval

Once received the accreditation requests need to be approved by the Event Organizer. To do so go to the "Dashboard" from the "Accreditation  Requests"  tab.

The Event Organizer will then be provided with a list a Accreditation Requests and given the possibility of of Approving or Rejecting with the Approve/Reject buttons:

 All or some requests can be selected thanks to the tick box on th right part of the screen and all the selected requests can be approved at once by clicking the "Approve Selected" button.