This Information is provided to System admins as a guide to creates Templates, that will be used to manage access rights to venue/areas.

1. Go to your event

To add add a template Log into  the accreditation platform and select the event you want to work on.

2. Templates

Once on your event, select "Management" on the top menu of your screen and then click on the "Templates" Tab.

3. Assign Roles to Venues/Areas

After creating Roles and Venues/Areas (cf. "How to create, manage roles and categories" and "How to add a venue / area") you can set access right rules using the templates. By doing so you will allow the system to assign default rights to the Accredited persons based on their function.

  • First select role you want so set the access rules for:

  • Once the role selected pick the areas which will be accessible to this role and click the"Update role Rights" button: