This guide is for event organizers who want to create new users on events.

1. Add account

Go to MANAGEMENT, click User Management and press on the ADD ACCOUNT button in the middle of the screen

2. Filling personal details

In opened window all mandatory details needs to be filled which includes role, first name, last name, date of birth, nationality email address and organization in order to proceed with creation of new user. After it is done "ASK FOR ACCREDITATION" button needs to be clicked in the bottom of the screen. 

Role field determines access level provided to new user. In the list bellow you can see what permissions are granted to corresponding roles:

  • Event Organizer: the user will access to all manage areas of the event, he/she can also create a new event.
  • Print Manager: he/she will access to the software Badge Manager and print badges related to the approved accreditation requests.
  • Category 2 responsible: he/she can approve or reject accreditation requests related to Category 2 (no players, no staff).
  • Volunteer Responsible/Media Responsible: soon available

3. Account activation email

From user perspective user should receive email. User has to click on "click here to reset password and activate the account. User id will be listed bellow account activation link in confirmation email. 

4. Creating password

In the next window user needs to enter created password two times and enter human factor authentication code.

5. Success

If everything was done correctly you will receive message that password reset completed successfully. On this point user will be able to login to accreditation system.