This information is for Event Organizer that provides a guide how to add new Events into the Accreditation plateform.

Once logged in to the Accreditation platform you will be directed to the Events page.

1. Add a new Event

On the Event page you can create a new event or select an existing one. To create a new event click the  "ADD EVENT" button.

2. Event Information

Fill in all the fields: Title, Subtitle, Description, Dates (From/To), Location, City, Country, Venue, Language of the Event.

 If you tick "Public", the Event will be listed in the Organisation Dashboard and available to be found from all the logged users for that confederation. However if you don't tick "Public" 

the user must be “invited” to the event e.g. by sending him a link to the Free Registration form.

All fields marked with an * are a compulsory field and must be completed.

Once all fields have been completed press "Save".

3. Add Sub-events and Files

Once the event's initial info saved you have the possibility to add a Sub-event to the current event. Sub-events are designed to give the possibility to the Event Organizer to delegate the Accreditation of local persons to a local sub organizer. In order to add a Sub-event click on "Subevent" the button and fill in the info as described in step 2.

- You also have the possibility to upload files to an Event and a Sub-Event. These files will then be available to be downloaded by the desired users. To upload a file click on the "Select" button.

- Once you added the files click on "Save"

The description and the type will help the user understanding the content of the file.

The "Visible To" window describes which kind of user will be able to see the file in his / her Personal Area.

4. Links

The links section provides to the Event Organizer the list of useful links connected to the Event. In order to share a link simply click the "Copy Link" button, you can then paste it  wherever you need ( e.g. in an invitation email).

5. Accreditation Background Image

This section let you pick the layout of the future Accreditation Badge which will be printed in the "Badge manager".

 A Badge Style Guidelines is also available if you want to design a customized layout for your accreditation badges.

Once you picked a "Badge template", click on the "Save" button.