New Features/Improvements

  1. Mapping up missing Jump Ball subtypes in order for the missing ones to be displayed in the Webcast. 
  2. Allowing to select Local / International set of Team/Officials/Players Names in FLS interface. 
  3. Usability improvement when Team Roster auto-scrolls down to a row which is failing field validation. 
  4. Pre-match Check pop-up usability/design improvements
  5. Enabling the use of Custom Efficiency formula from StatsEngine.
  6. TV Feed Diagnostics are now always established via a Additional Options drop-down option in the Home Screen. 
  7. Team and Game Officials' Types can be changed within the UI (including an update when opening Additional Info pop-up)
  8. Improved UX to allow for possible scrollbar for team and game officials area in Game setup. 
  9. Implementing UI Validation of Team and Game Officials
  10. Inserting/editing Actions should update following game actions for Points from turnovers and second chance points. 
  11. Update action sequence for blocked shot and substitution in expanded action log. 
  12. Jump Ball after missed FG or FT allows team rebounds to be selected. 
  13. Improving Aggregation (Calculating totals, in line) for certain game actions in Play by Play Report. 
  14. Coach can be awarded disqualifying foul. 
  15. Removing fast break from field goal made after made shot + Foul Situation. 
  16. Default report for quick print is mapped with default box score report field selection. 
  17. Improving Action sequencing within Action Log when On-Hold free throws are available. 

Bug Fixes

  1. Added missing Foul Types are added in the Expanded Action Log view
  2. Fixed overlapping texts in Record Workflow screens for Spanish Latin American language
  3. Fixed an issue when Action Editing would cause Possession Change messages to be associated with incorrect Game Clock values in some cases
  4. Fixed an issue when Application Menu would fall behind some of the In-Game view UI elements
  5. Fixed an issue when changes on the "Players" tab would not be Saved after selecting the "Misc Config" tab 
  6. Fixed an issue when Blocks would fall out of logical presentation order within the Expanded Action Log. 
  7. Removing restricted (unavailable for use based on available ruleset) Timeout Types from the Edit Timeout screen. 
  8. Fixed an issue when Players On-Court would not be updated after Reverting a Substitution. 
  9. Fixed an issue when it would be possible to Discard a game by clicking on the background area around the Discard & Close Confirmation prompt
  10. Fixed an issue when users would be presented with the Court View instead of Expanded Action Log view when initiating Post-Game Editing feature
  11. Fixed an issue when Team Turnover Types would appear truncated in the Edit screen
  12. Fixed an issue when Additional Options drop-down would be cut-off within the Existing and League Games list in the Home Screen
  13. Fixed an issue when incorrect players would be shown on court (editing a Substitution with a Substitution of a same time registered before)
  14. Fixed an issue when Game Score would not be updated in PBP Report when moving (via Action Ordering feature) scoring events in some cases
  15. Fixed several errors within Free Throw and Foul Workflows where certain related Action Edits would be updated incorrectly also causing incorrect publishing to StatsEngine
  16. Fixed an issue when several score-unrelated actions would be displayed within the PBP Scoring Report
  17. Fixed an issue when Points off Turnovers were not being calculated in the Game Stats (Advanced Box Score)
  18. Fixed an issue when application would treat a Tie within the Game Score as a Lead Change
  19. Fixed ActionType placeholder texts within Insert Action screens
  20. Fixed an issues when a game could freeze after ending game period and adjusting game clock. 
  21. Fixed Start list report calculating various game and player stats incorrectly. 
  22. Fixed Additional options drop-down is not updated when game date/time is changed. 
  23. Fixed on action edit screen, master and linked actions are always published as edit even if nothing is changed. 
  24. Improved action ordering in TV Feed output when actions are edited and updated in action log. 
  25. Fixed overlapping/out of bounds text for Russian Language.
  26. Fixed issue when use clicks on background System check popup closes. 
  27. Improved logic for statistician ranking calculations. 
  28. Manual Game: Data & Time stored as Null when proceeding without. 
  29. Corrected Typo for Driving layup. 
  30. Corrected when Incorrect sub action is displayed in play by play and sent to Stats Engine. 
  31. Fixed issue when rebound time would be set to 00:00 by default when inserting a shot. 
  32. Fixed issue when defensive rebound time would be set to 00:00 after inserting FGA, while rebound and block are recorded for same team. 
  33. Fixed an issue when application menu could be completely overlaid by system taskbar when positioned at top of screen. 
  34. Fixed issue when "On Time Tip-off" option in game message could not be selected. 
  35. Fixed issue when spacebar would interfere with game clock management, when using send error report dialog. 
  36. Fixed overlapping/out of bounds text for Spanish - Latin American language. 
  37. Fixed an issue when foul could have been saved without court location.