To allow the Social Media Publishing Platform (SMPP) to publish to Facebook you will need to create an App, see below for the steps on how to do so. 

NOTE - You must have a Facebook page in which you are an administrator (this is not your profile but a separate Facebook page)

1. Select the option "Click here to view or create your App" 

2. Select "Add a new App"


3. Name your "App" and provide a contact email. 

4. Select to set up "Facebook Login" and then select "Web" 

5. Under "Site URL" Enter the following URL. 

URL - 

6. Select Settings on the left hand menu and then Basic. Then enter the following URL in the App Domains section. 

URL - 

7. Select Facebook Login -> Settings and then enter the following URL under "Valid OAuth Redirect URLs" 


8.  Go back to "Settings" -> Basic. You will see the App ID and the App Secret. These should be entered where prompted on the home page (Image shown in step 1 & below) 

9. Enter App ID & App Secret as prompted.