1. Fixing common error when generating reports: "Given Key was not present in the dictionary"

  2. Turnover types order is incorrect

  3. Registering offensive foul off-possession does not create automatic turnover

  4. When opening already existing game for post game edits through post-game-edits screen, error is shown

  5. Boxscore report showing playing minutes in pre-game phase 

  6. Editing Time of a FGM doesn't Edit the Time of the related Assist

  7. Game Messages and Score Statuses are Enabled on a Finalised Game

  8. Cannot move FT to the same time as foul

  9. Changing foul time to be the same as time of another action does not call the ordering dialog for moving

  10. Cannot edit court location when game is finished but not finalized

  11. Event log row "To" appears and disappears randomly after clicking on the foul action in the Event log

  12. Fast Break is not marked for FTs

  13. Deleting a linked action should deleted the whole group of associated actions

  14. Contested rebound jump ball does not work as expected after a block

  15. Team name missing for a rebound in action list after missed free throw

  16. Unfriendly error is displayed on Quick Print if default printer is not selected

  17. Lodged ball missing in Jump Ball choices after Missed shot

  18. The play by play report after using post finalization edit is displaying half time scores calculating from 0-0


  1. FLS provides indication in the UI when Message publishing to Warehouse is In-Progress

  2. Last Minute of the Game Clock is rounded to the tenths of a second (eliminating the use of a hundredth part of a second within the Game Clock) 

  3. Adding Turnover Type: Goaltending

  4. A game can be run in TV Feed Diagnostics (Test) mode

  5. Adding Turnover Type: Other

  6. Optimise FLS reconnection time after Data Warehouse Timeouts