Bug Fixes

  1. Webcast is not available for FO Offline generated Match Keys
  2. Action Ordering crashes Game Clock / UI when Editing Actions before/after Period Start/End
  3. Game Setup: Save & Next button becomes permanently disabled if any field validation errors happen during Game Setup workflow
  4. Game Setup steps can be skipped without carrying over required data which causes FLS breakdown once In-Game
  5. Players on-court are updated respecting previous Substitution events
  6. Cannot move Game actions back Up after moving those several positions Down
  7. Changing Made Shot time to be the same as the time of another actions (placing it between Subs with the same time) causes Parsing Error
  8. Additional Action been added on Action Registered, every time a game is re-opened
  9. [Reports] Fixed Dunk Outside the Paint appearing in PBP
  10. Post Game Edits are not Published when Submitting for a DW-cleared Game
  11. Fixed an issue when +/- would be calculated incorrectly
  12. Players On-Court value throwing Exception when Multiple Substitution In's are Registered
  13. TV-Feed Assigns Incorrect Team for Offensive-Foul Turnover
  14. Foul Edit screen: Suggested FT freezes
  15. Foul Edit Screen: Cannot Select the same SubType
  16. Cannot Export Game when Team Names have Hebrew Characters
  17. FLS allows DW Connections to be initiated more than 30mins prior Scheduled Match Start if a Game was previously Discarded
  18. FLS does not Reconnect to DWH after 4-hour Timeout
  19. Incorrect Stats in Start List boxscore
  20. Jump Ball button gets randomly Disabled after Pre-Game Clock hits 0
  21. DW treat Actions as Inserted in a Normal (record) Workflow
  22. Multiple Foul-On Messages Sent to Warehouse
  23. FGM Assist is not changed after editing it in the Action Log
  24. FLS v7 AppVer parameter is provided in a correct format for Monitoring
  25. Fixed wrong Fast Break calculation after first FGM
  26. The "Lacking player" notification is not shown after deselecting player from "Start 5" players during edit "Substitution" action
  27. Time for Rebound during Insert Shot defaults to 00:00

New Features

  1. [Reports] Rotations Summary
  2. [Reports] LineUp Analysis
  3. FLS stores last Published and last Acknowledged messages to auto-connect and re-publish missing messages to DW
  4. Statistician is prompted to enter Spectators
  5. Individual Playing Times should sum up to the Total Team Playing Time (200mins)
  6. Game Actions are moving Upwards/Downwards automatically in the Action Log when
  7. Editing Time of Game Events
  8. Run button is disabled if Internet Connection Type is Unspecified
  9. Applying OR argument for some Action Log Filters
  10. Speed Tests should Timeout for slow Internet Connections and allow the User to Proceed
  11. Statistician is not allowed to establish two or more Webcast Connections in parallel for the same Match Key
  12. Handle Technical Foul during Period Break Workflow
  13. Add Back button in Free Throw prompt window
  14. Free Throw prompt (or other workflow window) disappears after Editing any Setup info
  15. Updating TV Feed Client to Support Quarter by Quarter boxscore
  16. Flagged Game Actions warning is available before Period Confirmation
  17. Size and Position of Header/Footer Logo is optimised
  18. Display Game Status in Existing Games list
  19. Add additional feedback for player's selection
  20. International Names can be printed on Reports
  21. Pre-Game Data can be Overridden if Manual Changes on Initial Data Download are made