Game Status Updates

Statisticians should select to update the game status and report delays to the start of the game they are webcasting. There is a Game Message tab that can be used to select a reason for the delay or early start.

Options (depending on game stage) can be selected as seen below:

  • Previous Game - this can be used at venues where multiple games are played in succession, e.g. a junior game is still being played when the senior game should be tipping off
  • Team Late - if a team has arrived late to the venue and as such require a delay to the start of the game
  • Early - game will be starting earlier than the scheduled tip off time. Can occur due to league mis-scheduling game time or game time changed by 3rd party
  • Equipment/Venue/Weather/Spectator/Medical issue - self-explanatory
  • Play Under review - available in live game when referees use IRS (or similar system) to review the situation in question to clarify their decision.


If a delay option is selected, statisticians will see the option to select the estimate the revised tip-off time.  


The delay is calculated and is displayed in Game Message tab.

Once the statistician selects to start game and start clock the game status will update back to No Interruption. This status will remain the same throughout the duration of the game. 

Setting a delay mid game

Statisticians can also update the game status at any time throughout the game. If there is a delay to live play mid game (e.g. an altercation on court and refs have to discuss situation) statisticians should follow the outlined process. 

1. Stop the clock.

2. Select the most relevant delay option if delay is expected and confirm if it would be greater than 5 mins.

3. The delay will then be cancelled when the clock is started again and game is continued as normal. The game status should then be returned to No Interruption.


Please check below video which illustrates Game Status update usage.