How to Remove Games from Existing Games List

In rare cases where games have been opened and loaded to the starters page when this shouldn't have occurred, statisticians are able to remove the game file from the FIBA LiveStats program by following the steps outlined below. 

1. In File Explorer link bar at the top type %localappdata% and press keyboard Enter.


2. Once you have searched for Local folder, select the GeniusSports folder.  

3. Once inside the GeniusSports folder, select the LiveStats.FIBA folder. 

4. Once inside the LiveStats.FIBA folder, select PROD folder. 

5. Once inside the PROD folder copy Storage folder to your computers desktop. 

6. Once you have copied the folder onto your desktop you will then need to delete this folder from the PROD folder. This should remove any existing games from the files on your FIBA LiveStats V7 program. 

You can restore the storage by deleting new storage folder and adding the folder from desktop back to PROD folder.  

Note. Deleting the storage folder will remove all games and licence keys from FLS. If you want to delete just one finished game, you can do so by clicking ... button and selecting Delete game. This action is irreversible.