In rare cases where games have been opened and loaded to the starters page when this shouldn't have occurred, statisticians are able to remove the game file from the FIBA LiveStats program by following the steps outlined below. 

1. Open to your computer files search. Select "Quick Access" and in the search bar at the top search "%localappdata%" 



2. Once you have searched for " the "%localappdata%" select the "GeniusSports" Folder.  

3. Once inside the GeniusSports folder, select the "LiveStats.FIBA" Folder. 

4. Once inside the "LiveStats.FIBA" folder, select "PROD" folder. 

5. Once inside the "PROD" folder you will see two folders, one named "Log" and the other named "Storage", copy both of these folders to your computers desktop. 

6.Once you have copied the files onto your desktop you will then need to delete these files from the "PROD" folder. This should remove any existing games from the files on your FIBA LiveStats V7 program. 

You can restore the storage by adding the folder from desktop back to PROD folder.