In some cases leagues/federations may make changes to games details last minute to a specific game. If A statistician has started the pre game set up process but hasn't finished and wishes to reload the game to receive the updated details, statisticians have the option to "Close and Discard" a partially set up game using the "Discard and Close" option as part of the program set up. To do this, statisticians can follow the steps outlined below. 

1. Select the game from either "Match Key" or via the game "League Game" list. 

2. Users will be taken to the first screen to enter their statistician details. Statisticians will notice the option to "Discard & Close" appears on the top right hand corner of all pages throughout the set up process. Note. Once you move passed the "Misc Config" page you will not be able to Discard & Close" it is important that you do not move passed this last page if you wish to discard and close. 

3. If at anytime during the set up process the statistician wishes to "Discard & Close" the game and set up at a later stage, the user can select the option from the top right hand corner. Statisticians will then be prompted with a pop up as below. 

Note. It is important that statisticians select the "Discard & Close" option when this pop appears. Selecting "yes" will not remove the set up details and will not correctly discard the game.  

If Statisticians incorrectly select "Yes" the game will appear as "setup incomplete" in the existing games list. 

Once "Discard & Close" has correctly been selected the game will be returned to the "League Game" list.