Statisticians now have the option to run a Pre-Match system check without opening a game via the main screen. 

To run the pre match check statisticians will need to go to the main screen and select "Settings" >"System Checks". Statisticians will then be prompted with a pop up. 

Statisticians will then need to select the game from the "Existing Games" list for the game they are preparing to take the statistics for. They should then select the internet type on their computer from the displayed dropdown. 

Once you have selected the internet type and entered the match key select to "Run". 

The system will then run a number of checks on the computer specifications that you will use to adequately run the FIBA livestats program. If each specification meets the recommended checks the system will highlight a green tick to symbolise the specification has passed the test. If any appear with an exclamation mark, as seen below this means that this feature may need to be reviewed prior to completing the game. 


Once the check has been completed statisticians can select to "Proceed" and the window will close and you will be returned to the main screen.