When a player is fouled and sent to the free throw line you are able to put the possession on hold and make adjustments if necessary. This is needed if there are:

  • actions on the court which happen before free throws (e.g. technical foul)
  • a time out and you need to make edits to your previous actions
  • in case delay or incorrect score has occurred during the game.


The step by step process is shown below.

This option is available before last free throw outcome is added. It is located at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have put the free throws on hold it will proceed back to main screen to add actions or make edits and adjustments needed. Free throw action window will be shown as incomplete.

Once you have finished with adding actions or making edits and adjustments needed you can continue the free throw segment by clicking the free throw action in the Action Log (highlighted in above picture). It will take you back to free throw screen to proceed.

Please check below video to see how to add technical foul after shooting foul has been added.