This is a Non-Mandatory update and includes the following fixes/improvements:

  1. Total team playing minutes did not add-up to 200 minutes as substitutions delete events were not properly sent to Datawarehouse
  2. Player's playing time sum does not add up to teams total. We've rounded up seconds (to milliseconds) for player minutes in the Box Score report to minimize the offset when the report is compared with more precise time measurements used for API downstream consumers.
  3. [TV-Feed] Clock winding and action editing updates box score for TV-Feed
  4. [TV-Feed] Box score was not sent for TV-Feed when deleting game actions
  5. [TV-Feed] Subs made don't change player status along with the Teams message
  6. Allowing to remove Rebound when handling No Rebound situation
  7. Explicit handling for Offensive Foul type and Turnovers added
  8. Pre-match check is performed automatically (Internet Upload/Download speed remains optional for bandwidth sensitive/metered users)
  9. Polish translations are updated for the UI
  10. Setting clock ahead of game actions does not flag substitution events
  11. Providing detailed error message (reason) in the UI for the “Invalid Match Key” error
  12. Post-finalization reactivation of Webcast
  13. Remove "Commissioner" from FIBA Box Score
  14. Show 5 Fouls in the Fouls Counter in the UI when Team is in Bonus (do not stop counting at 4)
  15. Personal Foul should prompt for FT entry after team bonus of 4 Fouls
  16. Change default Fouls Before Bonus value for manual games to 4
  17. Overtime not showing as it should in Webcast
  18. "Flag and Proceed" sends updated message with duplicated ID which causes it to be rejected by Stats Engine
  19. "Remind Me Later" Auto Uupdater option should not minimize the app
  20. +/-calculations for Foul / Substitutions / Free Throw scenario were incorrect

New Features:

  1. Free Throws can be put On Hold 
  2. No Rebound option is available for the 24-sec violation
  3. Start List report is now available
  4. Spectators can be added/edited before Finalising a match