LiveStats Version 7 - Keeping Clock Consistent

It is important that the clock remains as close to the game clock as possible during the entire game. It is recommended to have +/- 10 seconds difference during whole game and +/- 2 seconds during last quarter last 2 minutes. 

The clock can be paused using the space bar on your keyboard. This feature has been implemented to provide statisticians with the ability to quickly start and stop the FLS clock in conjunction with the game clock. As well as this, the time can be adjusted using the arrows either side of the clock or selecting game time to edit.


Please see the examples below:

1. FLS Clock matching Game Clock

2. Statisticians should ensure the FLS Clock does not extend beyond 10 seconds behind or ahead the Game Clock

3. FLS Clock not matching the Game Clock but still acceptable and not an issue

Note. It is also very important to start FLS clock absolutely on time - with the Jump Ball of the game.

On occasions some statisticians have started the clock before quarters started. It is very important that the clock is not started before the game/quarter has started. This can cause confusion for fans as the clock on the webcast mimics the time display.

For information on adjusting the clock to ensure it matches the correct game time please click here.