Game setup in FIBA LiveStats V7 includes Print Settings (which can be later during the game edited via Game -> Edit Print Settings) that will allow to choose following:

  • Default Box Score Report. There are 4 available box score versions. For FIBA events FIBA Box Score should be used. Standard Box Score should be selected for any other competition if league does not choose Advanced Box Score. Please read more about each of reports here.
  • Default Report Language. Reports are available in 15 different languages. For FIBA events English language should be used.
  • International Names. Mostly used in international competitions when original player names are added in non Latin characters.
  • Default printer will be used for all reports printed. It will print the amount of reports indicated in Number of Copies to Print.
  • Default Report for Quick Print. FIBA LiveStats v7 has a Quick Print button to print reports without generating them - this saves time and reports can be printed faster at any point of the game. This Print Settings option allows to select a report which will be printed using Quick Print button.
  • Printer #1. It is possible to select up to 8 different printers which simultaneously will print Quick Print report. Each printer will print the amount or reports indicated in Number of Copies to Print
  • Report Header and Footer Image. Statisticians can choose either default Header and Footer logos or upload different ones to be added to the printed reports. It is important to use images with the following specifications:  Header - 250 pixels x 150 pixels and Footer - 718 pixels x 60 pixels.