Live Stream (Webcast)

  • Application now provides feedback to user in what time it is going to connect to webcast (in running countdown     form). Additionally, a button is provided to force connection manually.

TV Feed

  • Implemented ping functionality properly (ping messages now are sent to feed clients every 10 seconds).
  • Quarter-by-Quarter Box Score is streamed to feed.
  • This also includes the changes noted last week and provided in test version.

Generating Reports

  • Stabilize application when saving generated report.
  • Fixed the issue when application fails to generate report.

Calculations (Box Score)

  • Box Score total +/- calculation fixed.

Other fixes

  • Bug - Free Throws workflow triggered after 4th foul. Now is triggered only after 5th     foul.
  • Fixed error on attempt to edit incomplete Jump Ball.


Generating Reports

  • Improved user experience when saving     generated report – user is informed where report is saved and can navigate     to the folder with single click.

User Interface

  • When game clock is rewound back, actions “ahead of current game clock” are flagged (un-flagged when action is     edited later).
  • Default Box Score option can be changed for finalized game.
  • User is alerted if less than 5 players enters the court when registering substitution.
  • User if notified about fouled-out players.
  • License options are now applied to FLS when license is modified.
  • “Loading” graphic is displayed until all assets are loaded.